X.ITE as a Transformational Research Centre

Academic research in social sciences is evolving along a double transformational path: 
  • as well as in hard (pure and applied) sciences is becoming to be "transferred" from university campuses and labs to firms, institutions and any kind of purposive social entity. Such a knowledge transfer process aims at accelerating the conversion of social science "discoveries" into social, entrepreneurial, managerial and institutional innovation. Within such dynamic framework, Luiss-X.ITE is playing a trail-blazer role;  

  • boundaries between hard and soft sciences are blurring thanks to the new technology pervasiveness that forces innovation leaders to adopt a growing amount of new technologies together with behavioral and social innovation. Within such an evolutionary path, the anaerobic pace of technology transformation is sustainable only if consistently supported by transformational social science research outputs. Luiss-X.ITE, thanks to its multi-disciplinary scholars and multi-methodology research experts aims at providing firms and institutions with transformational research. 

>> For further information, please read "Transformative research centers: X.ITE towards "organic" research for development" by Michele Costabile on Open LUISS.

Custom and Transformative Research Projects

X.ITE provides guidance and support for businesses and institutions' leaders through actionable research on how to manage market innovation and organizational changes mediated by technologies. In this perspective, X.ITE serves as a «knowledge transfer office» for «pure & applied soft science», as well as an «open source» for innovation and experimentation at the ​​intersection between marketing, decision science and technology.
X.ITE develops transformative research across four phases: (1) Analysis of the transformative dynamics of markets and organizations with an epistemic approach; (2) Partnerships with and for institutions and organizations; (3) Rigorous application of theory and research methods; (4) Transformation by Sharing Research Experience and Experimental Management.

Business Community Research Agenda

On a yearly base X.ITE designs and shares with Business Community Members a research agenda, and on a rolling base the main research outputs are presented. The research agenda highlights the latest advancements in scientific academic research and emerging technological trends. 

The Research Team, together with Business Community Members, discuss major new theories and identify the key topics that should be explored in order to generate relevant and insightful research.

The Research Agenda informs a call for research proposals after which Luiss-X.ITE funded research methodologies and findings are presented and discussed with Community Members. 

X.ITE Research Storm 

An annual event, generally scheduled in late October/early November bridges Luiss-X.ITE Faculty members and Business Community members in a "Luiss-X.ITE Research Storm". 

During the Research Storm, Luiss-X.ITE Faculty members presents advances in academic research on relevant topics (see Business Community Research Agenda). 
A discussion with Business Community members follows with the aim of establishing research priorities, which will inform the call for research proposals.  

The Luiss-X.ITE Research Storm hosts a session devoted to presentation and sharing of research outputs, relevant for Business Community members. 

X.ITE Talks

Two/three times per year Luiss-X.ITE hosts prominent speakers from top international universities presenting advanced marketing models and cases within inspirational talk sessions. 

By attending X.ITE Talks, business members have the opportunity to scout new ideas and competences, to discuss major new theories and methodologies, to develop new relationships, sharing innovative experiences and widening their view on how technology is reshaping markets, organizations, individuals and institutional behaviors. 

Custom and Transformative Research Projects

  • Merck


    The generation impact on market and social change. The future quest for health and healthcare across generation in Italy and Read More
  • Spinosi & IMEVA Group

    Spinosi & IMEVA Group

    Progetto di Ricerca in collaborazione con Spinosi Marketing e IMEVA S.p.A. “La ridefinizione del concetto di “qualità”: evidenze empiriche ed Read More
  • Telepass


    Transizione Tecnologica della Business Mobility: ​trend, driver, vincoli, opportunità e soluzioni Il Centro di Ricerca Luiss-X.ITE, sin dalla sua fondazione Read More
  • Agenzia ICE - Italian Trade & Investment Agency

    Agenzia ICE - Italian Trade & Investment Agency

    ICE-Agenzia per la promozione all'estero e l'internazionalizzazione delle imprese italiane Il progetto ha avuto l'obiettivo di supportare il Ministero degli Read More
  • Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (SIAE)

    Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (SIAE)

    Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (SIAE) is an association-based public economic institute, responsible for the protection and exercise of Read More
  • Roma Capitale - Expo 2030

    Roma Capitale - Expo 2030

    Expo 2030. Valutazione preliminare degli effetti Il progetto ha avuto l’obiettivo di offrire una valutazione preliminare degli effetti di una Read More
  • Federalimentare


    Sviluppare la Comprensione degli Effetti sui Consumatori dei Diversi Sistemi di Informazione sui Prodotti Alimentari Obiettivi: fornire evidenze rigorose e Read More
  • Chiesi Farmaceutici

    Chiesi Farmaceutici

    A Road Map to Design, Test, Deliver and Develop a Contemporary Competence Center Hub on Sustainable Science for Health Care Read More
  • Adepp - Associazione degli Enti Previdenziali Privati

    Adepp - Associazione degli Enti Previdenziali Privati

    Progetto di Ricerca Qualitativa Esplorativa per ADEPP – Associazione degli Enti Previdenziali Privati “Technology Transformation e Futuro delle Professioni” Il progetto Read More
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