X.ITE – X. Insights Technology Enhanced

X.ITE's goal is to develop deeper insights into how new technologies can impact human behavior and how human behaviors can be better understood thanks to new technologies. 

On this two-sided research field feeded by an evolutionary overlap between individual and social behaviors on one side and new technologies on the other, Luiss X.ITE's approach is genuinely multi-disciplinary and multi-method.

The big challenge we are facing nowadays is to test and develop new approaches to build knowledge combining an ever growing specialization with new “protocols” of specialistic competences integration. 

Our core mission is to develop new research methods and theories as well as new applications protocols able to support the value creation of an actionable social science through engaged research projects. 

Discover Our Team

Luiss X.ITE Research Centre is guided by the Management Team which provides guidelines for all the activities performed and strategic decisions. 

Strategic decisions are translated into actions by two main Units, which work in parallel and complementary drive the Centre development: the Academic Research Unit (ARU) and the Knowledge Transfer Unit (KTU).

All decisions and activities are also supported by a Scientific Committee made of scholars from different fields of social sciences.