X.ite – X. Insights Technology Enhanced

X. Insights Technology Enhanced is an interdisciplinary Research Center on Behaviors and Technologies.
The X has two meanings: on one hand, it represents the unknown that identifies both individuals and their behaviors - which today are more than ever evolving rapidly and unpredictably; on the other, it captures the eXponential changes (technological, organizational, institutional, environmental) that influence behavior, decision-making processes and, consequently, business strategies.
The aim of the Center is to develop new and deeper knowledge (Insights) with the support of new technologies, which influence both the method and object of research (Technology Enhanced). The extraordinary acceleration of technology has serious implications for the phenomenology, epistemology and methodology of research on consumers, citizens, and communities. Addressing these shifts requires a new organizational unit underpinned by multidisciplinary approaches and methods.
Hence, X.ITE.