X.ITE as a Knowledge Transfer Centre

X.ITE is the place where scientific research works in conjunction with companies and institutions, with the aim of helping them discover new knowledge and innovations.

>> For further information, please read "Transformative research centers: X.ITE towards "organic" research for development" by Michele Costabile on Open LUISS.

Custom Projects

X.ITE provides guidance and support for organizations and institutions seeking to improve their economic and reputational performance in light of new technological and organizational paradigms.

Transformative Research

X.ITE supports organizational leaders with research on how to manage change processes imposed or mediated by technological developments. In this perspective, X.ITE serves as a «knowledge transfer office» for «pure & applied soft science», as well as an «open source» for innovation and experimentation at the ​​intersection between marketing, decision science and technology.
X.ITE develops transformative research across four phases:
Analysis of the transformative dynamics of markets and organizations with an epistemic approach;
Partnerships with and for institutions and organizations;
Rigorous application of theory and research methods;
Transformation by Sharing Research Experience and Experimental Management.

Research for Community Members

Companies and institutions that subscribe to X.ITE’s business community are invited to three events each year:
Two short conferences, X.ITE NG TALKS, in which prominent speakers from top international Business Schools present their models and most inspiring experiences for managers.
One forum, the X.ITE RESEARCH STORM, in which X.ITE community members establish short-term priorities among relevant research topics.

By participating in these events, business members have the opportunity to scout new knowledge, discuss major new theories, create new relationships, and expand their corporate vision.

Institutional Research

X.ITE Research Storm is an annual event generally scheduled in October. Each business member can bring two representatives.

During the Research Storm, X.ITE presents innovations that have emerged in scientific research and academic publications in the previous two years. These findings derive from literature and semantic analyses conducted by the research team.

The event ends with a panel discussion on presented research topics, which will inform the call for research proposal. The results of the funded research will then be presented to community members in the next Research Storm.