Institutional organizations
Established by Pope Francis in 2015, the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See deals with the management of the Holy See’s entire communication system. Since September 2016, the X.ITE Research Center has coordinated with the Prefect of the Communication Secretary Msgr. Dario Edoardo Viganò to realize the transformative research project "Communication and Technology. Models and Cases of Dynamic Omnimediality". The project was intended to support the Secretariat in developing an integrated marketing communication for the Vatican media. This research work was officially presented on September 4th, 2017.

Italian lawn tennis association
Federazione Italiana Tennis (FIT) deals with the regulation, development and promotion of tennis in Italy.

In 2016, the X.ITE research center, in collaboration with a team of financial experts at Ernst & Young, developed two research projects: The first, "International BNL of Italy: Value and potential of a caput mundi event” and the second, "The role of the SuperTennis channel in the Italian tennis ecosystem: Measurement of the effects on tennis growth and analysis of its competitive positioning". 

The first project aimed to study the economic and reputational effects (direct and indirect) of the International BNL of Italy for the City of Rome. The second project sought to verify the existence of a cause-effect relationship between the SuperTennis channel’s performance (measured in terms of channel ratings) and the growth of the sport. The projects were headed by Professor Michele Costabile and Professor Matteo De Angelis of X.ITE, while Dr. Mario Rocco led the team at Ernst & Young. 
The X.ITE Research Center conducted a transformative research project aimed to help the top management of a major Italian company, in bolstering their decision-making skills with regard to digital marketing communication.
Research Institutions (funding)
X.ITE aims to support academic and applied research through collaboration with other research institutions. In 2016, the Research Center financed a project called "Defining Dynamic Customer-Centered Metrics in Omnichannel Retail" that was completed by a team of researchers from emlyon business school, Bocconi University, and Florida State University. In addition, X.ITE regularly works with the four schools of LUISS: 
LUISS Business School
LUISS School of European Political Economy 
LUISS School of Government 
LUISS School of Law

Furthermore, X.ITE has developed partnerships with the following groups:
GTechnology: A scientific foundation research organization that aims to establish, promote, and strengthen actions that improve how research activities are organized.
Brainsigns: A spin-off of the Sapienza University of Rome that develops innovations based on scientific knowledge related to brain function and the accompanying physiological processes.
X.ITE Community Members
X.ITE community members annually propose potential research streams to invest in. In 2016, for instance, members decided to finance the project entitled “Defining Dynamic Customer-Centered Metrics in Omnichannel Retail”. The preliminary results of the study were presented at the Research Storm on October, 27th 2017. 
Moreover, for 2018/2019, X.ITE has issued a call for research on “How cyber-consumers think and talk: a multi-method approach”.

To date, our community members are:
Shopfully (DoveConviene): A digital platform that provides users with geo-localized information about the promotions, products, shops, timetables, and contacts for the main retailers and brands in each category. 
Doing: A consulting company specialized in marketing, communication and technology. 
Netcomm Consorzio del Commercio Elettronico Italiano: A firm that promotes national and international initiatives related to the knowledge and diffusion of electronic commerce. 
NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori): The first private Italian railway company operating in the field of high-speed rail transport. 
Fater: A leader in the Italian market of personal absorbent products and the European bleach market. 
BMS: A world leader in the pharmaceutical sector that focuses on innovative treatments for serious diseases
Vodafone: A multinational company focused on cellular and fixed telephony.
Unilever: An Anglo-Dutch multinational operating in the FMCG sector, and an owner of more than 400 brands. 
Wind-Tre: One of the largest mobile operators in the Italian telecommunications landscape. 
Buzzoole: A consulting firm specializing in influencer marketing.